Clearing the air

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This is only my second blog post from my trip to Nepal as technical difficulties have meant I’m only able to write with my thumbs on my phone!

I’m taking daily yoga classes here in Lakeside just outside the city of Pokhara on the side of the Fewa lake. I’m staying further round the lake from the strip of bars and restaurants in a quieter and less touristy area and walking each day up and through the jungle over to my yoga class in the next bay. I’ve been very lucky to be able to attend classes at the really good Atmashree Yoga retreat center and to be staying with the wonderful Pun sisters at the NG guesthouse.

Doing daily yoga and hill walking is in turns making me feel invigorated and wiped out. But it’s definitely having a beneficial affect on both my practice and my fitness! I’ve also been learning more about pranayama with daily sessions as part of the class. I’m becoming a dab hand at pouring warm salt water through my nostrils as part of daily neti pot cleansing. It looks and sounds disgusting but there’s no doubt it clears the airways brilliantly for yoga.

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