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A week of classes at Atmashree Yoga centre in Pokhara Nepal has been a real eye opener. I’ve had such a variety of experiences that have really given me a broader perspective on yoga.

I started out a little doubtful as the class teaching is quite different to Europe. I’ve ended up totally won over by the skill of teachers Mantra and Rajendra and the knowledge of centuries of yogi wisdom. Yes my body has ached after doing some fabulously challenging Asanas but I’ve also really got under the skin of pranyama breathing, become comfortable with neti pot and other cleansing practices and been thrilled by the power of suraya namaskar with accompanying mantra.

I can really appreciate now what my Yogacampus teacher training instructors mean when they remind us yoga isn’t just about the postures. I can also see how important the ancient lineages of yoga are. Knowing that Mantra studied for five years at the Bihar school ashram in India and that he (and therefore perhaps in some way, also me) are part of the worldwide Satyananda tradition is really empowering.

The beautiful surroundings of Fewa lake haven’t hurt either! It’s a lovely restful place and one I’d thoroughly recommend for seekers of yogic knowledge and wisdom.

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